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الدكتور محمد هاشم ee





Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Hashem


Personal Information



Mohammed Ibraheim Ahmed Al-Sayed Hashim

Date of Birth

March 8, 1969

Place of Birth

Al-Sharkya – Egypt



Clinical Coordinator

Academic Guidance Coordinator



Marital Status

Married (3 children)

P.O / Telephone

PO Box 10219, 11433 Riyadh

Office: 014693648

Work address

Riyadh, Collage of Applied Medical Sciences, Dental Health Department

King Saud University, KSA

Email/ Website

Educational Qualifications





Bachelor Degree of Dental Medicine and Surgery

Al-Azhar University Cairo Egypt


M. Sc in Dental Materials

Thesis: Effect of sterilization and disinfectants on dental stone casts.


Al-Azhar University Cairo, Egypt



PHD in Dental Materials

Thesis: Infection control in dentistry by sterilization and disinfection of dental instruments and dental prostheses.


Al-Azhar University Cairo, Egypt





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